Growing up, I never learned much about Nehemiah. Sunday school felt boards were covered with pictures of Noah, Moses, King David, Daniel, Jesus, the apostles, and other smiling, hand-waving figures from the Bible. Somehow, Nehemiah slipped through the cracks in my education.

nehemiah-book-coverWhen I read Nehemiah as an adult I was surprised to find it so inspiring. It might even be my favorite book of the Bible. Like myself, Nehemiah wasn’t a prophet, priest, or king. Furthermore, he was an exile in the truest sense of the word. His faithfulness to God and his leadership abilities, however, enabled him to do great things for his people.

The story of Nehemiah takes place about 160 years after Jerusalem was destroyed and the Israelites were exiled. After 70 years in Babylon, many Israelites began to return to their homeland. Naturally, they found their city still in ruins. It wasn’t until decades later that Nehemiah took it upon himself to ensure the city walls were rebuilt so that the people of God could, once again, have a home.

This eBook explores many of the verses in Nehemiah, and identifies the different principles of leadership that enabled Nehemiah to change the course of history for his people. These principles are then applied to modern living with examples on how you can make a difference in your community, workplace, and family.

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